‘I Got You Babe’ music video featuring Beavis and Butt-Head

Living In The Rose — New Model Army, directed by Jennifer Lynch

Occupy Melbourne protestors and Victoria Police 2011. Credit: Yahoo News

Azealia for LOVE magazine

photo i took, sometime around 2013

Gary interviewed for Fender’s Tribute To Punk

A more recent Grimes on the cover of Dazed magazine, 2015.

Badlands (2011) album cover

Cypress Hill on The Simpsons, 1990s

Picture I took through a rainy window, somewhere in Melbourne

Willis Earl Beal, Nobody Knows (2013)

Hannah Joyner

Welcome to my graveyard of old pieces from publications that sadly closed down, and some new stuff ⚰️📰🗑💀🥀🌹contact: hejwriting@gmail.com

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