‘I Got You Babe’ music video featuring Beavis and Butt-Head

Sometimes you know some random pop culture stuff and just need to dump it somewhere. Enjoy!

Living In The Rose — New Model Army, directed by Jennifer Lynch

No surprises that the daughter of filmmaker David Lynch has an equally twisted visual style. Jennifer Lynch directs episodes of TV shows like American Horror Story now but in 1993 she made this kind of creepy music video that perfectly matched the lyrical style of English rock band New Model Army.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth — Belinda Carlisle, directed by Diane Keaton

Iconic actor Diane Keaton directed a total of three music videos for equally iconic singer Belinda Carlisle in the late 1980s, but my favourite of the three is ‘Heaven Is A…

Occupy Melbourne protestors and Victoria Police 2011. Credit: Yahoo News

This article was first published in 2015 by Spook Magazine, an online publication that no longer exists.

In 2013 a group of African-Australian men won a racial profiling case against Victoria Police after numerous occasions where they were stopped and questioned around the Flemington and North Melbourne areas. The men reported instances of such ‘questioning’ leading to violent altercations, and revealed they were beaten up by police on multiple occasions.

Apart from a conversation on Alec Baldwin’s podcast Here’s the Thing with retired NYPD captain John Eterno, transparent opinion to gain understanding of police behaviour is lacking in almost all…

Azealia for LOVE magazine

This article first appeared in the online publication Spook Magazine (which is now offline) in 2015 under the title ‘It’s All Gossip Folks: When The Media Interrupts Music Engagement’.

In 2012 I waited in the crowd at The Palace Theatre in Melbourne for Azealia Banks to come on stage. While waiting, a friend showed me an Instagram that Banks had just posted. Daria Morgendorffer with folded arms, the caption read:‘Why didn’t I just stay home where it’s nice and quiet, and nothing ever happens?’

Hearing news of Azealia Banks coming back to Australia [in 2015] for Splendour in the Grass…

Below is my interview with Dylan of the indie-rock band Cloud Nothings. It first appeared on the Australian events site Everguide, which no longer exists.

photo i took, sometime around 2013

Hannah Joyner: Hi Dylan!

Dylan Baldi: Hi, how are you?

HJ: I’m good. I understand you are from Cleveland, Ohio. Apparently that is the ‘Rock n Roll capital of the World.’ Is that true?

DB: That’s what I hear (laughs). I don’t know, it’s an okay city.

HJ: It’s a pretty small city isn’t it? In terms of population. What was it like to grow up there? …

Gary interviewed for Fender’s Tribute To Punk

Below is my interview with Gary from The Cribs. The interview first appeared on the Australian events site Everguide, which no longer exists.

Hannah Joyner: Hi Gary, I understand you’re in the middle of a UK tour at the moment is that right?

Gary Jarman: We are yeah, it’s going good. We are heading off somewhere else tomorrow, right in the thick of it.

HJ: Being from the UK you obviously tour there a lot. Electronic music is getting so huge over there. What is it like being an indie band over there now?

GJ: Yeah, the whole climate has…

A more recent Grimes on the cover of Dazed magazine, 2015.

Below is my interview with the musician Grimes. This interview first appeared on the Australian events site Everguide, which no longer exists.

Hannah Joyner: Hey Claire!

Grimes: Hi, how are you?

HJ: Great! I didn’t know whether to call you Grimes, or Miss Grimes or something.

G: (laughs)

HJ: So you are coming to Australia for Meredith Music Festival, you must have played dozens of festivals already but are you excited?

G: I actually am pretty excited. My Dad is really obsessed with Australia. Like, he always wanted to go when I was a kid, so it seems like, I…

Badlands (2011) album cover

It is hard to think that Dirty Beaches is a band and not a movie soundtrack playing on a loop in your daydreams. Every time a Dirty Beaches track ends you open your eyes and sigh, lamenting that you weren’t actually lying naked on warm sand, or walking down a humid palm tree lined street. Perhaps at twilight, or dawn, or sunset, or any kind of moment you wish could last forever. This is the music of Dirty Beaches.

While dive bars, cigarette smoking, and neon signs along a highway seem to be synonymous with the music of Dirty Beaches…

Cypress Hill on The Simpsons, 1990s

The below interview first appeared on the Australian events site Everguide, which no longer exists. Most importantly, when researching for this interview I came across the Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth collaboration ‘I Love You Mary Jane’.

Hannah Joyner: Hello?

Sen-Dog: Hello how are you?

HJ: Great thanks. How’s everything going with you?

SD: I am doing good, had a good party last night watching the Superbowl.

HJ: Oh cool, what did you think of Beyonce’s performance?

SD: I thought she was great, she was really good. I always like watching Beyonce because there’s so much sexiness and sassiness. She’s…

Picture I took through a rainy window, somewhere in Melbourne

The below is my interview with Peter Holstrom of The Dandy Warhols from 2012. The Interview was for the Australian events site Everguide, which no longer exists.

Hannah Joyner: So you’re coming out for Harvest Festival, have you had a look at the line-up?

Peter Holstrom: Yeah it looks really good.

HJ: You’ve got like Beck there, and Grizzly Bear and The Black Angels and Cake

PH: And Sigur Ros right?

HJ: Yeah! Is there anyone in particular you are excited to play alongside?

PH: I haven’t seen or played with Grizzly Bear, but most of everyone else we’ve met…

Willis Earl Beal, Nobody Knows (2013)

This feature interview was first published on an Australian events site called Everguide, which no longer exists, before Beal’s 2013 Australian tour.

Willis Earl Beal is a hard man to get a hold of. On this third attempt, his voice comes through down the line casual as he politely explains he’s just been on a road trip with his wife. All is forgiven once he gets talking, he has a voice that at first appears removed from the formalities but soon reveals itself to just be very carefully considered. “I’ve seen a lot of the United States, but I’ve never…

Hannah Joyner

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